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Posted by grampa in history lesson,I am full of love (Saturday April 7, 2007 at 11:57 pm)

Okay, so I was going to write a spectacular diatribe about Good Friday and Easter, but I’ve had food poisoning for the last day and change, so I couldn’t pull my head out of the toilet for long enough to do so.

However, there is always tomorrow.

See, in the Christian view of things, that Jew dude, I think his name was Jesus (Hey-Seuss),  has been nailed to a piece of wood, stabbed with a spear and has kicked it (or been kicked, depending on which side of the spear you’re on).

As the story goes, Hey-Seuss will rise from the dead tomorrow, because of the massive sugar rush resulting from the consumption of his own body weight in grape Starburst Jelly Beans. 

And Peeps, lots of Peeps.

And, as we all know, I hate to kick a man when he is down.  So, I’ll wait until tomorrow to kick that sorry ass peep eater. 


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Soory to hear about the food poisoning, that sucks. It wasn’t a green chick was it???
Thanks for the history lesson (Magellan, who my fifth grade teacher obviously skimmed over and left me rather ignorant on the man…) and a new word definitioon (longinus- which sounds like a perverted sex practice, ha!) and the new slant on the whole Story (sugar rush- interesting.) Oh, and the nausea, thanks to the horrendously bent broken leg- ewww.)
I only recently learned of a common practice that I’ve yet to experience which is microwaving peeps and watching them bloat severely. Of course they are rendered inedible which, in my opinion, is no big difference…

Comment by One Wink — Sunday.April.8.2007 @ 5:49 am

grampa; the only man i know who can spew verbally and physically at the same time.and remember all; gotta love those rabbit eaters.

Comment by mad martigan — Sunday.April.8.2007 @ 10:22 am

God Bless,

Comment by Sun Follower — Sunday.April.8.2007 @ 6:13 pm

mmmmmmmmmm k.

Comment by piglet — Monday.April.9.2007 @ 10:04 am

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