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Posted by grampa in health,I am full of love (Tuesday January 29, 2008 at 7:06 am)

It’s been rainy, and down right cold here, cold for here, for days.  I swear, it’s rained 4 out of the last five days, and when I say rained, I mean like non-fuck’n stop.  And it’s been in the 50s during the day and going down into the 40s at night.

And before you pussies with your swanky east coast lives start sayin’ that’s nothing, well, consider this, you’re sick as fuck, can’t get warm and there isn’t any heating source in your house.

Still, I think I sweated out the cold last night night, either that or I had a bucket load sized wet dream, but the Thera-flu, Nyquil and Ambien combo really worked.  Heath Ledger was a pussy.

Alright that last one was a cheap shot, but, really, you want to combine all this shit together, then you’d better at least do the research, as discussed in the last post.

Have a great day.

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