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Posted by grampa in the real shit (Saturday January 19, 2008 at 10:22 pm)

As you know, or if you don’t, I’m in recovery (since December 12, 2003).  In those 12 step meetings that word “God” comes up a lot. 

Being a cynical agnostic at best, atheist at worst, and a student of ancient religions, I dislike that word more than any other.

In fact, I let it drive me out of recovery the first time, and I damn near died.

The second time I tried to get clean, at the second meeting that I went to, the subject happpened to be “A God of Our Understanding” 

At the meeting, this 6’3” Hawaiian guy with a huge afro, a former atheist with five years clean, starts talking about how this subject really bothered him when he first got clean, how it drove him out of the rooms the first time, and how he came to accept a certain spirituality that has nothing to do with organized religion.

“So,” he said, “now, when I say God, I use that term because it’s a one syllable word, which is easy to pronounce, and everybody usually knows what I’m talking about.”

He’s now my best friend.  I call him King Tonga.

(Edited to add the following):

Now that my dear friend Darren has decided to join me in recovery, and he also has problems with the God thing, I explained to him my concept of God.

I said, “Darren, when I think of God, I basically think of Sam Kinison, not his whole body, just a gigantic Kinison-head, which fills 3/4 of the sky, and is alternatively laughing or screaming, depending on my mood.”

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