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Posted by grampa in health,the real shit (Thursday January 10, 2008 at 3:03 pm)

I’m currently detoxing from sleep meds, after nearly fourteen months of continuous use.  I had to start taking them when I was on the interferon, but I figured that it was time to get off.

I’m still able to work, but part of this feeling is similar to that of heroin withdrawal - you get the whole body shakes, the hot/cold flashes, the multiple sneezes/runny nose, the general lethargy and I’m restless, irritable and discontent. The only thing really missing is the aching bones and constant diarrhea.

I’m able to work and live, but just feel generally like shit  But I’ve been much, much worse.  I also know that it won’t last very long.  The hardest part – is not drinking coffee after noon to “try and develop healthy sleep habits.” 

Yeah, we’ll see how long that fuck’n lasts.  The first day I can’t drag my sorry ass to the gym after work, that shit’s out the window.

The sickest part of the whole experience – it’s like a familiar misery.  I remember this feeling from jonesing for dope.  It brings back memories, some good, others quite tragic.  It’s like hooking up with an old girlfriend who is a fantastic fuck but every waking moment with the bitch is pure hell.

But, I made four years clean and sober on December 12th, so that’s something.

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