This One Might Hurt, But Damn If It Isn’t Worth It 10 comments

Posted by grampa in dating (Saturday July 14, 2007 at 8:00 am)

Sweet Merciful Crap.   I may be in over my head on this one.  You see, last night I was with the most physically perfect woman of my entire life.  (Yow – even better than Kristi Bishop.  In her prime).

The position of little brown girl is currently filled.  Any prospective applicants are going to have to dig pretty fuck’n deep.

Praise the Lord, pass the Geritol and a couple of buckets of Human Growth Hormone.   My back’s gonna need it.

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Independence Day 10 comments

Posted by grampa in the real shit (Wednesday July 4, 2007 at 9:54 pm)

So I really haven’t ever figured out how to spend this particular day.  I have a long, sordid history with Independence Day.  When I was a practicing addict, this was my biggest using holiday.  I’ve gotten better about things in the past few years but, inevitably, as the sun goes down and the fireworks start going off, when the smell of sulfur starts wafting through the breeze accompanied by the joyous shrieks of children, I get transported back in time.

My recollections of the 4th of July’s past contain many memories.  I think back to fallen friends and past lives – where the highs were sheerly majestic and the lows were way to low.  I can’t help but feel melancholy for those that aren’t here to see today.  Nor can I help but laughing at the memories of days gone by.

So tonight, as I sit my solitary (by choice) vigil, straddling the past and future, know that all of you, either near or far, live or dead, are in my thoughts and that the future, though frought with peril, is still bright and beckoning.


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