Grampa’s Handy-Dandy Rules For Living, Vol. 9 3 comments

Posted by grampa in grampa's handy-dandy rules for living (Thursday April 5, 2007 at 2:09 pm)

(Said by Martin Luther King, Jr. to the Rev. Al Sharpton right before he was shot.)

Rule 421: Never trust the chinless.

That’s right, people with no chins are shifty, unreliable and, in my humble opinion, kinda freaky.

Though, I did know one chinless girl, the one that I used this pick up line on, that gave the best blowjobs on Earth.  Something about the lack of a chin and her facial structure just gave her the most excellent suction.  She was like the Hoover Dick-Suck 3000.

Still, she was shifty as all hell.

But those were some excellent chicken wings blowjobs.

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