Yeah, It’s Like That 11 comments

Posted by grampa in I am full of love (Sunday December 3, 2006 at 7:28 pm)

I just got back from a very hectic “vacation,” we have three more days of a high profile trial, my relationship may or may not be over, my hair is starting to fall out and I have six more weeks of chemo.  The only thing that really comes to mind is this:

I’ve come to know the cold
I think of it as home
When there ain’t enough of me
to go around
I’d rather be left alone.

But if I call you out of habit
I’m outta love and I gotta have it
Would you give it to me
If I fit your needs
And we only both knew we had it?

So now the damage done
And we’re back out on the run
Funny how everything was roses
When we held onto the guns.

Just because you’re winning
Don’t mean you’re the lucky one.


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