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The Muse Never Dies

I keep meeting this girl
this broken girl
beautiful, but like a broken toy
or Humpty Dumpty after all efforts
of the King’s horses and men
and I can never fix her
so I no longer even try.

I fuck her silly
for as long as she’ll let me
then, as we circle
ever and ever closer
to the edge of emotion, she,
like a deer in the headlights,
stops — cold,
catches herself,
and bolts.

Me, like a dumbass
I usually fall (or do I leap?)
off the edge.
But what can I say?
Misery was my only companion
for many a year and
I love both the love,
as well as the loss.

Perhaps I’m too nice,
perhaps they’re too broken,
but I’ve been broken before.
And I’ll be damned if I fear
flying too close to the sun.
So, as soon as the bleeding stops
as soon as my wings flex again,
I fly.

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Even At Our Worst, We’re Still Better Than Most 17 comments

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For my own personal reasons, I now measure years from December 12 so I’m glad to say that 2006 is officially over.  Good riddance.

Let us recap, shall we?


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It’s A Pale White Thing, You Wouldn’t Understand 3 comments

Posted by grampa in family (Sunday June 25, 2006 at 11:43 am)

When the Irish have bad days, they drink.

If they have given up drinking, they console themselves with a large kettle of home fries.  Mmmm. Delicious.

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Happy Day, Poppa 4 comments

Posted by grampa in family,the real shit (Sunday June 18, 2006 at 11:16 am)

So, today being Father’s Day, I called my dad.  I didn’t get him anything, though.  There really isn’t anything that he needs, at least nothing that I can think of.

I think at this point, I’ve already given him the best gift that I can ever give him.  Today I’m alive, I’m clean, I’m happy and he doesn’t have to watch me destroy myself anymore.  What’s an apple corer compared to that?

So, dad, if I haven’t told you lately, thanks for everything. 

And I love you.

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Why I Love My Brother, Vol. 1 3 comments

Posted by grampa in family,haiku (Friday June 16, 2006 at 10:55 am)

I mean, really, who other than a sibling could you have this kind of exchange with, especially before 10:30 a.m. on a Friday morning?


B straddles cub scout
cracktastic fag boy banger
next, Brownies and beer

The Mighty Hunter

Nature trip gone wrong
malicious moose mounting Gramps
grunts, moans, shrieks…..moose jizz


The mighty hunter
ass raped by rabid mongoose
hangs his head in shame

The Mighty Hunter

Rabid baboon sex
balls swell to coconut size
volcanic fire looms

I guess you could do this with your mom, but it wouldn’t really be the same.

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